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ThinqLinq Samples on Github

When I first created this site, I used it both as a test bed for technologies as I played with them and as a repository for others to use for my presentations and other insights. Over the years people have been free to grab these samples, but haven’t had good ways of giving back to help improve the samples. In the mean time, there have been quite a number of technology changes. While I may have been late to the party on some, there’s only so many things one can focus on. One of the advances we’

Windows 8 Live Tiles and LINQ to XML

When I started working with Windows 8 Metro development, I was disappointed to see that the native WinRT API’s relied on the older XmlDocument and XMLDom rather than the newer subset of XDocument/XElement and LINQ to XML. I suppose this was necessary because the older version was more natural for C++ and JavaScript options for Metro applications. If you’re like me and want to use LINQ to XML to work with XML in WinRT, all you need to do is pass the XML strings back and forth between your C#/VB c

Rx samples with WinRT

Recently I decided to rebuild one of my presentation computers using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta. While it is working quite well for my typical usage, I did run into a bit of an issue when prepping my Rx talks for the Rocky Mountain Trifecta this past weekend. In the past, when I'm giving my Practical Rx talk, I show Silverlight, WPF, WP7 and RxJs samples. Unfortunately, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview does not support the Windows Phone 7 emulator and Visual St