Atlanta Code Camp rocked! by ThinqLinq

Atlanta Code Camp rocked!

I had the pleasure of helping to organize and run the Atlanta Code Camp version 3.0 this past weekend. From all accounts, it was an unqualified success. We estimate we had around 290 attendees which is up by 50 from last year. Nearly every room was full for every session which speaks to the quality and diversity of the speakers in that all topics are equally popular. The contributors really stepped up as well, including Cizer who contributed nearly $250,000!

We had speakers scheduled from 6 states, including GA, FL, AL, SC, NC, and even Seattle Washington. I also did a quick poll of the attendees at the beginning and we had people from the above states and also Tennessee and New Jersey. That's a heck of a trip just to attend a community event. I hope that they got their money worth. If it is any indication, I didn't have anyone ask for a refund. (To those of you unfamiliar with Code Camps, they are free events). I had the pleasure of speaking at 6 of these events last year and must say that this was the most diverse group I have seen geographically so far. I humbly offer that we set a high bar for the rest of the year to live up to.

For those of you who attended (and those who were unable to attend as well), I have already begun posting the speaker's slides and demos on the AtlantaCodeCamp site. More will be coming as I receive them. In addition, we had several WROX affiliated speakers record their sessions. I'll post a link to those once they are ready.

Altnough it was a great time, I'm glad that the event is over so that I can have a chance to sit back and rest a bit. I'm sure this won't be the only code camp I can be seen at this year. I'll see you out there sometime.


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