Atlanta.Net site moved by ThinqLinq

Atlanta.Net site moved

For those in the Atlanta area that have been wondering what happened to, It appears that there was some miscommunications in transfering and renewing the domain name. As a result, it is now being held hostage by a squatter. Rather than paying the ransom, they have decided to change the site to That's ATL not ALT which would be a completely different group.

They are having a meeting this coming Monday night discussing new ASP.NET features in 3.5 SP1, including the ASP.NET AJAX browser history control and AJAX script combining, which improves performance in ASP.NET AJAX applications. The presentation will also cover .NET 3.5 SP1 data centric technologies such as the Entity Framework, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, and ADO.Net Data Services, as well as how these tools play together.

Come join us on Monday.

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