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Blog evolution

Five years ago, I started this blog as a site written in LINQ dedicated to talking about LINQ. In the years that have followed, I’ve expanded the discussions to include a number of LINQ and language design related topics, including Entity Framework, Reactive Extensions, and other items. Over-all, I’ve tried to limit the scope of the topics to LINQ related issues.

Although I still love LINQ and thinq it is a great technology, I’ve been increasingly working with other technologies and as a result, I have shied away from posting about them here for the fear of alienating my LINQ loving fans. Now that LINQ has been around for over half a decade, I suppose it is time to allow the topics on this site evolve as well and start discussing some of the newer things that I’m encountering in the various technologies that I’m working with to spread the love (or love-hate as the case is from time to time) of that technology with the rest of you.

My hope is that you can continue to grow with me and continue to find value in the posts that will come. Of course, I’ll continue to post about LINQ related items as I find the inspiration and time. If you find yourself turned off by the non-LINQ related posts, let me know and I can consider moving the blog off onto another domain. I'm always open to knowing what you thinq.

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