INETA Community Champion for 2012 Q4 by ThinqLinq

INETA Community Champion for 2012 Q4

INETA Community Champions I’ve been active in the technology community since 2000 when .Net was just announced. This started with doing some small talks at user group meetings and helping to update their web site. It didn’t take long before I was running meetings and networking with other groups.

Over the years, I’ve gradually increased my reach by speaking at events increasingly far from my home base, including events as far away as London, Las Vegas, and Redmond. Prior to it’s being disbanded, my speaking involvement lead me to being selected as a member of the INETA Speaker Bureau. I continue to work with INETA as a member of their more localized version, the INETA Community Speakers program.

I’ve also continued reaching out to help mentor other user group leaders through being an INETA Membership Mentor for a number of years. I also participate in UG Leader summits when I’m able.

Recently, I was honored to be recognized by my peers as an INETA Community Champion for Q4 2012. While I never aspired for such recognition, it’s a privilege to have my efforts recognized by the community at large. Having received this award doesn’t mean the work is done. I continue to share my experiences with others to help grow the community as much as I can. Who knows what the future might bring, but I hope I can continue to bring the love of technology to others, just as my mentors have done for me in the past.

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