LINQ tools on the Toolshed by ThinqLinq

LINQ tools on the Toolshed

This summer at the Jacksonville Code Camp, I had the pleasure of being part of the taping of Russ' Fustino’s Toolshed. Finally, the episode has  been posted on Channel9 for you to enjoy. Here’s the overview of the episode.

Toolshed: Episode 5 - Its All About The Tools TV Show

Episode 5 has killer content on Deep Zoom, Expression Web 3, a codeplex project on a Snippet Editor for Visual Studio, LINQ Tool Samples, LINQ Pad, Link To Twitter, Expression Blend 3 Importing Adobe assets, and an incredible codeplex project must see on a solid Silverlight website starter kit using best practices!  This is Russ's Tool Shed's best effort yet! Grab a beer and hope you enjoy this most educational, enlightening and entertaining instant classic video!

The LINQ Tools segment starts at 44:35 if you want to jump ahead.

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