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Microsoft product teams do pay attention

TIf you have been following this Blog for any time, you know that I have been focusing on LINQ. One of the ways I stay up-to-date is following the LINQ Forum on MSDN and have tried to contribute as I am able. I am regularly amazed at the level of people on the product teams that not only read the forum, but also contribute to the discussions.

Periodically, I check the statistics for the top posters in a given month. I'm not trying to be the most prolific and try to be selective as to which posts I respond to. Curriosity does often get the best of me. Today I found that I ranked second between Matt Warren (on the XML team) and the creator of C# himself Anders Hejlsberg (ok, so I think he is officially just a technical fellow.)

It's been a bit quiet in there recently as they have been busy "productizing" LINQ into ORCAS. Regardless, if you are interested in LINQ and would like your opinions heard, I definitely recommend you check out the forum. They are listening.

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