Montgomery Code Camp Files available by ThinqLinq

Montgomery Code Camp Files available

I had the pleasure of heading over to Alabama for my last code camp of the year last month. I posted the files from my presentation but neglected to post a link to the files here. The VB 9/C# 3 talk was the same that I have given over the past year. This time, I also presented my first look at LINQ to SQL (formerly DLINQ). You are free to download the slides and demos at

You get everything from the presentation except for the 30,000 recipes in my database that I used as a demo project. (No, I didn't include the recipe for White Chocolate Lasagna in the download).

 Let me know if you see any changes I should make for future presentations as I will likely be presenting versions of this talk over the upcoming months in the area, including my most contensious presentation for DBA's that will come in January for the Atlanta Microsoft Database Forum.

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