Rx for WP7 on Telerik Wednesdays Webcast by ThinqLinq

Rx for WP7 on Telerik Wednesdays Webcast

windowsphonewednesdaysFor anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to attend one of my in person presentations, or are frustrated by the audio quality of my MIX recording, join me on Wednesday, May 25 at 11:00 EST when I discuss using the Reactive Extensions on the Windows Phone as part of Telerik’s new Windows Phone 7 Wednesdays video series.

Here’s the session details:

Becoming an Rx Pusher on your Windows Phone
with Jim Wooley on May 25th at 11am EST

The Reactive Extensions are a set of libraries that shipped on the Windows Phone and allow you to compose asynchronous operations over observable collections. Learn how to use this amazing framework for turning pull-oriented apps into push-oriented apps. Find out why it is a mind-bending technology and how it improves your ability to make async calls on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Update: This webcast was recorded and the screen cast is available on Telerik TV.

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