Selected for the INETA Speaker Bureau by ThinqLinq

Selected for the INETA Speaker Bureau

I've been working with INETA as a user group leader and mentor to other user groups in the area. Recently I was honored to be selected to join an elite group of speakers as a member of their Speaker Bureau. If you lead a user group, contact INETA and let them know that you want to hear more about LINQ, let them know you want to hear from the Kinq! Bonus points if you're in a Mountain region. I feel honored to be part of this years new speaker list and glad to call many of them friends already.

2009 New INETA Speaker Bureau members:

Steve Andrews
Rachel Appel
Jason Bock
Pete Brown
Stuart Celarier
Andrew Dunn
Keith Elder
Claudio Lassala
Amanda Laucher
Chris Love
Adam Machanic
Tim Rayburn
Cory Smith
Chris Williams
Rob Windsor
Jim Wooley

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