Thinq LINQ webcast part 2 now available by ThinqLinq

Thinq LINQ webcast part 2 now available

Part 2 of the Thinq Linq webcast is now available at I'm pretty happy with this one in particular. It covers a couple key pieces of LINQ that aren't discussed much:

  • Heterogeneous joins
  • Updating disconnected data using LINQ.
  • The LINQ to SQL designer
  • Using an XML mapping source instead of attributes.

The presentation quality was a bit different for this segment. The first and third parts of the series were recorded live at the Atlanta VB Study group's meeting. Unfortunately, during the recording I tried to use the F10 to step over. I realized too late that it would cause camtasia to stop recording. Live and learn. The advantage is that this one has a cleaner recording (and I was able to throw away a couple of failed efforts).

Head on over to the ASPNetPodcast site and check out these videos. If you prefer, the material is also available in audio format. Also, the supporting downloads are available here. Below is the complete schedule of the webcasts:

Thanks again to Wally for hosting these for me.

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