Thinq LINQ webcast series part 1 by ThinqLinq

Thinq LINQ webcast series part 1

Back at the Mobile Code Camp in March, Wally McClure asked if I would be willing to record my session for his AspnetPodcast site. Technical details kept me from recording that session, but I did record the same presentation later that week at the Atlanta VB Study Group's meeting. Now you can see it as well. Head on over to and check out the first of 3 parts we recorded. I learned the hard way that hitting F10 to step over code while running Camtasia was a bad idea, thus this session ends somewhat abruptly and I had to re-record the second part of the presentation. We have 3 parts of this series planned:

  • LINQ overview and LINQ to SQL enabling an object.
  • Heterogeneous Joins with LINQ to SQL and Updating data in ASP with LINQ to SQL
  • Using XML with LINQ.

The downloads for the sample application are available at as well.

Check out the videos and let me know if you would like to see more of these. If so, what topics would you like to see?

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