ThinqLinq webcast series part 3 is available by ThinqLinq

ThinqLinq webcast series part 3 is available

Part 3 of the Thinq Linq webcast is now available at This is the third (and for the moment final) installment of the series discussing using LINQ to create the blogging web site, In this session, we focus on the new XML features of LINQ, including XML Literals. In the end we see how easy it is to use a LINQ to SQL query to return blog posts from a database and dynamically create a RSS feed.

Head on over to the ASPNetPodcast site and check out these videos. If you prefer, the material is also available in audio format. Also, the supporting downloads are available here. Below is the complete schedule of the webcasts:

Thanks again to Wally for hosting these for me.

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