VS 2010 CTP Timebomb by ThinqLinq

VS 2010 CTP Timebomb

I've been playing with the Visual Studio 2010 VPC image from the PDC in preparation for my talk at the Atlanta MSDN Developer Conference. I've started to notice warnings that Visual Studio will stop working in 20 days (before the end of January). In order to continue using this image, you need to stop the synchronization with the host PC. Ben Armstrong has a good post on how to disable time synchronization in VPC 2007.

VS isn't the only thing that will time bomb in this image. I'm also planning on doing some demos of office integration without requiring the Primary Interop Assembly. The versions of Word and Excel also have a limit on the number of times you can open them. Hopefully, I won't run those demos more than 20 times because the demos will stop working after that (until I dump that instance of VPC in favor of a clean instance at least). Brian Keller has a good post detailing the various time bombs that are included in the VPC image.

Hopefully I'll see some of you at the MDC and can share my enthusiasm for VS 2010 before it time bombs on me.

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