Visual Studio 2008 Orcas Changes from Beta 2 to RTM by ThinqLinq

Visual Studio 2008 Orcas Changes from Beta 2 to RTM

I've just updated the ThinqLinq proof of concept site for the Visual Studio 2008 release that came out today. If you're following the sample application, or are looking for a sample VB 9 implementation of LINQ in a web site, check out the download at In case you are interested, here are the changes that were necessary to move from Beta 2 to the RTM. (The first two items are repeats from my post earlier today).

  • Open the DBML file as XML and change the UTF encoding from 16 to 8. Otherwise the compiler will complain about the DBML file's format. The error you will likely see will be "Build failed due to validation errors in [MyFile.dbml]. Open the file and resolve the issues in the Error List, then try rebuilding the project." When you open the file, you won't see errors in the error list. Just change the encoding and you should be good.
  • Replace the Add methods with InsertOnSubmit. Likewise, change Remove to DeleteOnSubmit. You may be able to do a global search and replace on this, but be careful not to make changes to any IList object implementations, only LINQ to SQL ones.
  • SyndicationFeed.Load removed the option to pass in a URI. Instead, I used SyndicationFeed.Load(New System.Xml.XmlTextReader(UrlString)).
  • The SyndicationFeed's Item PublishDate property is changed to the new DateTimeOffset type rather than the simpler DateTime. As a result, get the date from the PublishDate.Date property.
  • When projecting XML elements as part of a LINQ to SQL query, you no longer need to pre-fetch the results into an array. I'll make a separate post on this item.

That's all I've found so far. I've already updated both the ThinqLinq site and the samples for the upcoming LINQ in Action book. I'm sure I've missed something, but so far, the upgrade is relatively easy this time around. The IDE does appear to be running faster as well.

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