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What sex are you

When I started at my current company, I had the pleasure of dealing with years of legacy data that was not adequately cleaned. For example, I found a number of cases where the person was born on 1/23/0019 or 2/5/9502 (talk about a Y2K issue).

The best item I found however was the listing of values actually used for gender (sex). I have since cut the list in half (by upper casing all of the values). I’m still not sure how to categorize some of the items. Let me know if you can fill in some of the gaps.

M – Male
F – Female
3 –
N – Neuter
] –
1 – Monogomous
L – ***
W – Woman
0 –
U – Unknown
I –
G – Girl
Z – Goes to sleep right afterward
O – Often
B – Boy
X – Transgender
2 – Bisexual
A – Androgenous
NULL – Asexual

Thanks to Matt for reminding me to post on stupid user entry.

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