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ThinqLinq Updated to MVC 4

As I work more in Visual Studio 2012, I found the need to make a small tweak to this web site, but discovered that the MVC 1 code base that the site was using is no longer a natively supported as part of Visual Studio 2012.  As a result, I took the plunge and re-wrote the UI portions of the site using MVC3 MVC 4 with the new Razor templating engine. This site is a test-bed of technologies I want to play with anyway. I also upgraded the site from .Net 3.5 to .Net 4. In light of these changes

Site updated with MVC

In case you haven't been following along the recent posts, I've been exploring ASP.Net MVC recently using this site as a guinea pig. Today I deployed the updated bits and hope you find them to be an improvement on the older site. I've tried hard to keep backwards compatibility with the old site links via some tricks in the Routing engine. Please take a look around and let me know if you find any links that aren't quite working correctly. Please be patient as it may be a bit before all of the leg

MVC Sitemap Navigation with XML Literals

As I continue re-writing this site to use MVC, I find more substructures that I can refactor easily. In the original implementation for the menu, I used the asp:Menu control. As I was working to theme the site, I had problems getting it to work acceptably with CSS styles. I also didn't like the reliance on tables. In an effort to improve on it, I found the method of using unordered lists with list items for the menus (<ul> <li>). I then moved to a modified version of the UL SiteMap

Disable Historical Debugger when using MVC with VS 2010 beta1

I've had a bit of down time between contracts recently and have been taking the opportunity to learn some technologies that I haven't had time to get into before. Since I've read so much about it, I thought I would try out ASP.Net MVC. Since it was just for fun, I figured I'd bite the bullet and try it under VS 2010. I build a small sample following the tutorials at, however when I try to run it in VS 2010, the app crashes on me. There's enough "Magic" g