External USB Monitor for road warriors by ThinqLinq

External USB Monitor for road warriors

I’ve been a consultant for a number of years. Typically, I’m working on a customer’s site to provide solutions for them both in what I’m currently working on, and to pay attention to other needs that they may have that I can help to offer solutions for. At the client’s location I’m given a desk to work at, but I’m responsible for my own equipment. The laptop situation is no problem, but I’ve been spoiled by having dual monitors in the past.

Six months ago, I happened upon a great solution to the problem. The AOC 16” USB powered monitor. It is just about the same size as my laptop and offers an additional 16” display at 1366x798 resolution. This is great for email, twitter, and debugging purposes. Being a USB monitor I can’t recommend using it for hi-res video, but then again, you wouldn’t be watching Netflix on the job anyway, right?


So it’s not as impressive as the home outfits that some others have put together, but this is quite a handy extension when traveling around between clients and engagements.

EDIT: It appears that the model is now smaller and includes USB3 support. See it at Amazon.

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