Windows 8 Hands On Labs available by ThinqLinq

Windows 8 Hands On Labs available

build_logo_smallAt Build, we had the opportunity to preview a number of Hands On Labs for development and managing Metro styled applications. Unfortunately, they were not available to non-build attendees and we weren’t able to bring them with us from the conference.

Thankfully, the hands on labs are now available for everyone. You can download them now from the Build website. I tried a couple of them at the conference and the ones I tried appeared to be fairly well done. Labs are available in C#, VB, C++ and JavaScript. If you’re looking to learn the preferred way of doing standard tasks, I recommend trying them out. The standard caveats apply. These are initial labs for a pre-beta operating system. Both the labs and the platform are likely to change as Windows continues to evolve. That’s the price you get for living on the bleeding edge, occasionally you will get cut.

Update: In addition to the Build Hands On Labs, Microsoft has also released the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Training Kit to help you understand the new features of Dev 11 including more hands on labs.

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