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Implementing Pingbacks

Recently, I discussed Sending and Receiving TrackBacks on this blog. The TrackBack API is not the only mechanism which blog engines use to communicate between each other about the links that are included in individual posts. Wikipedia lists three methods to keep track of which articles are cross linked: Refback, Trackback, and Pingback. Of these, perhaps the trickiest to implement is the Pingback because it uses the xml-rpc style of communication rather than SOAP or REST that most .Net programme

Sending TrackBacks

Yesterday, I showed how we can receive trackbacks from other sites using the TrackBack API. Today, we'll look at the other side of this picture: sending TrackBacks to other sites based on links in the post. Sending a TrackBack entails several steps: Parsing the post to find links to other sites. Checking the target site to see if it supports TrackBacks. Formatting and sending the TrackBack to the target's service. Checking for error responses. Thus with every post I create now

Receiving Trackbacks

If you've been following along, I've been working on enhancing this site a bit recently. A couple of the most recent enhancements can be found in the following posts: Paging with AJAX WCF and LINQ Adding Gravatar support to comments Continuing in this tradition, I wanted to include the ability to be notified when other sites post links to my posts. There are several such API's that support this kind of notification, including Trackbacks and Pingbacks. In this post, we'll look at recei

Adding Gravatar support to comments

Having a bit more free time than expected, I thought I would take a bit of time and add some features to this site based on some things I've seen at other sites. A quick one is adding Gravatar support to the comments. If you're not familiar with gravatar's, describes them as a globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things. To get a Gravatar, go to and let them know your email add

Adding a dynamic SiteMap for search engine optimization using LINQ

A couple months ago I added a feature to this site to build a Site Map for this site dynamically based on the information from the database for posts and files for the downloads. If your not familiar with how Sitemap files can help your site searchability, Google has a good documentation about Sitemaps in their Webmaster tools. The SiteMap Protocal is a rather simple XML document consisting of a set of url nodes that consist of the following: loc - URL for the page link lastmod - Date

Feedburner access to Wooleys various Wonderings

I have set-up several feedburner syndication options for my postings for your enjoyment. Feel free to move your aggregator over to those versions of the feeds and show me how much you digg what I have to say. Here's the links for you: Wooley's Wonderings: My main feedJim's Samples and Presentations: My downloads and sample applications from my presentations. Subscribe here to get updates whenever I add new samples. I have a bunch of things I want to discuss from my DevConnections trip, so stay